Whole School Song and Music Video

For this week’s theme of transition, we  are going to make a whole school music video for the song ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley.

First of all, you need permission to film yourself doing it. The whole family can take part. That means dance, sing, act, play your instruments or even tap on a pan! You can even lip sync to the song if you’re feeling shy. I have also attached the musical score and lyrics:

Three Little Birds Instrumental

You could even learn the sign language version here: 

As video files can be quite big, it would be best if you pick a short section of the song to join in with (maximum one verse). If you want me to use the sound of you playing or singing I will mix it in, but please use headphones to listen to the backing track (if you can), so you just record you and not the sound of the backing track.

1. You will need headphones connected to a device (eg. Phone or ipad) you can listen to the song on.

*You must use the backing track version of the song below, which you will also find on your Year Group home learning page https://www.torridonprimary.lewisham.sch.uk/home-learning/

Backing track:

Track with vocals:

2. Use a different device to film yourself or your family performing your favourite part of it – do this in landscape mode if possible. Get creative!

3. Email me your video recording emaryondavies@torridonprimary.lewisham.sch.uk

Email it to me by 9pm Friday 18th July. I look forward to seeing your singing and dancing talents!

Best wishes



Instrumental Music Lessons at Torridon

As you are aware, last year we started to build our creative arts team of specialist teachers. Emily, Flora and Deme have done an amazing job of transforming the art and dance provision at Torridon. We are delighted to tell you that we will be welcoming Chris McCartney to the team in September as a specialist music teacher. Chris taught ukulele lessons at Torridon this year and has been successfully appointed as a substantive member of the creative arts team in the
autumn term.

In addition to class based provision, Chris will be able to offer individual and small group tuition for violin, piano, percussion, guitar and ukulele. In order to help us plan the provision, we are seeking expressions of interest in the first instance. I have attached the details of the potential costs for lessons and an expression of interest form.
If you would like your child to take us up on this offer, please complete the form and return to
Manda by Friday 10th July 2020.  


Download the forms here:




22.6.20 Music Home Learning – Food topic (Week 2)

Ever heard of Rock n Roll music? Watch this video of famous Rock n Roll musician Elvis Presley singing ‘Blue Suede Shoes’:

Have you seen him before? Did you like the song and his performance? Why or why not? What was he singing about?

Rock n Roll music emerged in the 1950s in the USA just after the war. People normally danced with a partner to these songs and went to balls like this. There would normally be a band playing the music:

This week’s topic is all about food. Here is a song about different food groups in the style of Rock n Roll. Learn the words and singalong! Can you think of some dance moves too?


15.6.20 Music Home Learning Task – Food Topic (Week 1)

Food, glorious food!

Watch this scene from the musical, ‘Oliver!’. A musical is a film or play where there is singing or dancing. Lots of Disney films are musicals. The musical is based on a story by Charles Dickens called ‘Food, glorious food!’

At this point in the story, Oliver is an orphan in a workhouse. The story is set in the Victorian times, when poor children were not treated very well.

What are the children singing about?

Why do you think they are singing about it?

Do you agree with them? Which are your favourite foods? Can you try singing or writing the lyrics for a song about your favourite foods?

Have a go at learning to sing the song here.

In the song they sing about something called ‘gruel’. Find out more about it by watching this video.





8.6.20 Music Home Learning Task – Animals Topic (Week 2)

‘The Cat Duet’ by Gioachino Rossini

First, watch this performance of the piece of music:

Did you enjoy the piece of music? How did it make you feel? What did you like or not like about it? What were the two cats ‘doing’?

Background information

‘The Cat Duet’ was written by Italian composer Gioachino Rossini in 1825. It was composed to make the audience laugh. How does Rossini make it humorous?

1) Think of a sentence you might say to someone in your household. Can you say it like a cat only using ‘Miaow’ instead of words?

2) Can you say something angrily, or happily? Pleading or snapping etc. 

3) Can someone at home guess what you are trying to say with your miaows?

In the piece the human voice is being asked to perform acrobats, and is being asked to imitate a cat and be creative in how to produce these wonderful sounds.  The performers in this clip are two female singers, a soprano and a mezzo soprano or alto voice, the higher and the lower voices for the female range of classically trained voices. These two voices are not only different in range (the high or the lower notes they sing) but also in the timbre (the colour) of the voice they are able to produce.  All this has been cleverly put together by the composer in a very creative and contrasting manner. 

4) This activity is going to help you create your own musical composition using your very own symbols and signs, which is music we call GRAPHIC NOTATION.

Look at these symbols and try to make a sound with your voice answering these simple signs.

5) Think of a different animal and what noises it makes. Can you create symbols to match those noises? Write them down and try performing it.

You could upload it onto our blog if you have permission.